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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on Working Out

I'm up at about 5 a.m. Are you?

If not, when are you getting your exercise, and how? For how long? How often?

Are you stretching? Getting resistance work? Getting aerobic work?

Just asking.

I've been true to my word and have been working out regularly (including on business trips) since mid-December (a visit to a clothing store to buy pants convinced me that it was time to take this stuff seriously). During the cold-weather months, I combined stretching with the Perfect Push-Up pads, medicine ball exercises and hard rides on a spin bike. Since it's gotten warmer (and lighter out earlier), I've substituted bike rides for the work on the spin bike.

I've lost about 15 pounds (most would say I look fine, but I'd like to lose about 7 more), have watched what I eat (the 100-calorie snack packs from Hershey, among others, come in handy) and generally feel pretty good. I have more stamina to have fun with the kids (and have stretched out my throwing arm playing catch -- or "having a catch" as we are wont to say in southeastern Pennsylvania -- with the kids. All good stuff.

I think we decide in middle age the type of life we're going to have when we get older (and, perhaps, how long a life). If you aren't exercising regularly, now's the time to get started. Start out slow, build up your endurance, talk with your doctor, go to a gym if you're clueless and ask for help, but do something.

And if you get up as early as I do, you'll be surprised to see how many people are out there before work -- running, biking, walking and in one case in my neighborhood, doing tai chi on the front lawn.


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