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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Philadelphia Electric Company

The Philadelphia Phillies are in a zone. They thrashed the St. Louis Cardinals 20-2 last night in St. Louis, setting the tone with a three-run top of the first courtesy of back-to-back-to-back homers by guys named Utley, Howard and Burrell and then a nine-run fourth that saw their pitcher, Kyle Kendrick, get two hits in the inning. Read here for a recap of the game.

They are lighting it up in ways the city hasn't seen since the Schmidt-Carlton teams of the late 1970's (the '93 team was interesting and exciting in its own way, but much more idiosyncratic than the thoroughbred-nature of both the teams from the late 70's and this current team).

Okay, so it's only mid-June, but can't a (long-suffering) Phillies' fan have some enjoyment right now? It's not like we're Boston where there seems to be a title every calendar quarter. Heck, we haven't had a title in a quarter century.

And it's fun, at the end of a work week, to watch your team score 20 runs in a game.


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