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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles Fans: Watch This

Tigerhawk links to a video of an eagle who picks up a goat and throws it off a cliff.

Watch it and then think of what this could mean for the Eagles' upcoming season. Will the defense get its uber-aggressiveness back and get after it the way it did several seasons ago when the squad made it to the Super Bowl and fell victim to the Foxboro Film Festival? This particularly eagle can really get after it (and one recent publication -- I forget which -- did name the Eagles' defensive line as one of the top 5 in the NFC).

Of course, if the Eagles' defense rises to this level of violence, no opposing quarterback is safe. Then again, the NFL would probably institute new "Eagles" rules that will make quarterbacks less vulnerable to attack.

Okay, so maybe the metaphor doesn't really exist, as football isn't played on cliffs (even though Eagles' fans think that they themselves are frequently on them), and quarterbacks are more mobile than goats, but defensive ends are pretty spry guys. The video is pretty amazing in its own right, isn't it?

This particular eagle is one tough bird.


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