Saturday, May 21, 2005

How Many Times Have We Heard This Before?

You know the story, that the renegade, the rogue, the one who strayed from the flock, can and will change.

This time the subject matter of this dime-store novel is "former" Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams.

Williams has the same agent as QB Adrian McPherson, about whom I have blogged so extensively that I think I became a regular read at draft time on a Florida State fans' website (notice I say a regular read and not a favorite, because I am sure that once burned, many Seminoles' fans were twice shy about letting McPherson have another chance). Leigh Steinberg, agent for so many stars and one of the inspirations for Jerry Maguire, has another reclamation project on his hands.

I certainly hope that Ricky Williams straightens out. It is a shame when someone with so much talent has a public implosion on a grand scale. After that implosion, Ricky Williams wandered for a bit and, according to his agent, did some reflecting. The result: the RB wants back into the NFL.

Many questions remain, such as a looming four-game suspension for marijuana use and a credibility issue with his Dolphins' teammates, who were left hanging last year without his strong presence in the backfield and endured a miserable season. How are they to know that they can count on him?

That's a hard question to answer, and only Ricky Williams can answer it.

He has one last chance to do so.

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