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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Forest Gump Fuzzy Math Sweepstakes

Brought to you by conferences worthy of the intellect of Forest Gump, using algorithms that your five year-old could have drawn up on the back of a Kids' Meal bag from McDonald's.

Yes, the BCS is at it again.

This time they're trying to come up with a way to replace the AP poll is their way of calculating which college teams are worthy of eight spots in the best and, yes, highest-paying, bowls in the country. This reminds me of one coach who once said he always put Penn State in his top 10 because he liked their uniforms, and of another who said that he always put Nebraska up there because, well, they always were. Then again, I do recall reading that some major colleges once taught some of their athlete-scholars to answer "B" on multiple choice tests when they were guessing because statistics showed that "B' appeared as the answer more than the other choices.

You get my point.

Championships that judges decide have all the respect of figuring skating, gymastics and diving. Championships that are won through a series of playoff games get the ultimate respect. North Carolina's men's hoops team went through a rugged gauntlet of six games and won their national title. No one is showing them disrespect because the best team in the SEC somehow got sent to the Swiffer-Cottonball Bowl instead of being matched up head to head against them. They played -- and beat -- the best.

So here comes the BCS, once again, avoiding the simple truth that a playoff game -- and not a 12th regular season game -- would make major college football complete.

Let's let the players decide who's the champion.

By playing the games on the field.

Because unlike Forest Gump, like shouldn't be like a box of chocolates. The fans and the players deserve to know what they're gonna get, which, in this case, is that instead of getting a ticket to a BCS Bowl they get a slot in an eight-team playoff that will lead to a national title game around New Year's weekend.


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