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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Argument Regarding Having HS Kids in the NBA


I tried to find a link to "Pro", but couldn't tonight, although I have blogged earlier on the topic that permitting HS kids to enter the NBA draft isn't what ails the NBA. I still think that's the case, although the linked story won't help high schoolers everywhere.

Especially since Kwame Brown, now suspended for the playoffs, plays on the same team as Juan Dixon, the poster young player for staying in college and doing what you can to make your team better. Dixon scorched the Bulls last night, scoring 35 points in 31 minutes off the bench, just going to show you that bench players who are determined to show the coaching staff what they can do and stand ready to play well when the starters do not always will get ahead.

USA Today's headline writers got it right when they said that a Wizard was told to disappear. The bigger question is whether David Stern, the Headmaster of the Ballhogs School of Basketball, can wave his wand and make all HS kids disappear from the NBA draft forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll offer Kenyon Martin as someone else who exemplifies the pro's of staying in college.

12:33 AM  

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