Monday, May 02, 2005

Dartmouth Has 10 Incoming Basketball Recruits

Click here, scroll down, and check it out for yourself.

Click here for the Big Green's 2004-2005 roster.

Then do the math.

15 players on that roster; 4 seniors are graduating. 11 remaining players.

Plus 10 recruits.

21 kids fighting for 15 roster spots and 8-9 spots in a meaningful rotation.

Part of the explanation?

A second-year coach, Terry Dunn, is looking for his type of player. His predecessor, Dave Faucher, had put together some talent, but his teams fared poorly during the last 3-4 years of Faucher's tenure. Which means, for the most part, if you were a Faucher recruit, hit the weight room hard this summer and seriously work on your game.

Another part of the explanation?

The Ivies don't grant scholarships, so they don't have the limits that most of the D-I schools have.

But how do you feel if you're a freshman in the soon-to-be class of 2009?

You can't feel that special, can you?

Although, if you're going to Dartmouth, you have to be a pretty smart, ambitious kid. Which could mean that each of these kids thinks that he is a special one, and that if anyone fails it will be several of the other kids.

The potential result?

I've seen it happen before -- lots of unhappy kids in the program.

Because even in the Ivies, 10 incoming recruits is a bit much.

Just do the math. That's something that Ivy coaches and kids should be good at.

Isn't it?

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