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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Word on Dartmouth's Next Head Football Coach reports that David Shula, the one-time Dartmouth wide receiver, Baltimore Colts' kick returner, Cincinnati Bengals' coach and father of a current Dartmouth QB, has been offered the Big Green's head coaching job, replacing John Lyons, who was fired last month.

True to the notion that life's a journey, if Shula gets the job, he'll have come full circle and back to a part of his football roots. Big Green fans are hoping that Shula will fare better in Hanover, New Hampshire than he did in southern Ohio.

Lyons won Ivy titles with Jay Fiedler during his tenure at the Ivy League school, only to have suffered several losing seasons in a row recently. Still, he remained very popular with his players, and, in certain respects, will be a tough act to follow.


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