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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Urban Legend

Fans or alums of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish shouldn't be too dismayed that Blue and Gold didn't ink now-former Utah coach Urban Meyer to a long-term deal to coach the school's football team. Regardless of whether you think that the school should have fired Ty Willingham, after you read this I think you'd agree that Meyer is better off in Gainesville than you would have been with him in South Bend.

Now, I'm not playing a game with you, and, no Meyer's name is not referenced in the link, but his former school is, and you don't have to be an expert in higher math or logic to make the connection that I want you to make in reading the article.

I'll even give you a hint.

It's about graduation rates.

So the next time you think that one and only one coach is the answer in South Bend, you should do your homework on him.

The last time you didn't do your homework, you had a scandal because your then would-be coach had some truth-on-resume violations.

This time, you would have had a different issue, another whopper.

I don't know what or who is the answer for Notre Dame, but it's not the thus-far Teflon Urban.

So if you're a Notre Dame fan, cheer for the Fighting Irish to be patient and hire absolutely the right guy.

And one who will honor the legacy of those who have gone before him and make sure that a top-notch education still receives high priority in South Bend.

Winning isn't the only thing, not, at least, at the college level.

Winning the right way is.


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