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Thursday, December 16, 2004

First in War, First in Peace and. . .

Out of the National League.

Or at least out of Washington, D.C.

That is the Nationals, of course, nee Expos, the team without an owner and now, apparently, without a stadium and a home city.

Now, I love baseball, think it's a fun game and all of that, but something inside me tells me that D.C. is right, that they should insist upon some private funding, and that the town elders should use public monies on education, libraries, housing and public health issues than to provide the power elite in Washington with a close venue to watch the national pastime.

Major League Baseball, of course, is very upset and says that D.C.'s latest move is "wholly unacceptable."

Stay tuned, and tune in to Field of Schemes for more information.


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