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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Thanks for the Memories

It's not everyday in the sports world that three titans retire at the same time.

But they did last night, and they deserve a tip of the hat from the sporting world, from all of us who started watching a game that really didn't exist on the world's stage say thirty years ago.

So have a good retirement, Mia, Joy and Julie. You three, along with Brandi and Kristin (not to mention Kristin, Brandi, Brianna, Michelle, Tiffeny and Kate) rival, relatively speaking, the initial classes in Baseball's Hall of Fame. Thirty years ago, young girls sat idly on the sidelines watching their brothers have all of the fun.

Thanks to their leadership, their good conduct, the outstanding examples they have set and, of course, their outstanding play (which at times has been without peer), girls' and women's soccer is a force in this country, and, with few exceptions (such as travel soccer for girls under eleven) a force for the good.

It's not every era where something great is created, and for my money the advent of girls' and women's soccer is a much more constructive item for society than, say X sports, and we should be thankful for the contributions of these women. Very grateful, as they have added something to the sporting landscape and changed our culture at the same time. That's not something that happens every day.

Great players?


Great leaders?

You bet.

Even better citizens?


Thanks for remembering that aspect of your lives.

And thanks for remembering us and our kids too.

So I hope you had a blast in your last game, ladies, as the thanks that you received not only came from the stands, but also from kitchens, living rooms, rec rooms, family rooms, locker rooms and recess yards all over America.

Thanks for the memories.


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