Sunday, August 29, 2004

More on Rollie Massimino

I wrote a lengthy piece a short while back on the fates of former coaches at Penn and Princeton, both head coaches and assistant coaches. One of the coaches I mentioned was Rollie Massimino, the one-time Villanova mentor whose claim to fame was leading the Wildcats to an improbable national championship in 1985 and whose claims to notoriety were helping end Philadelphia's vibrant Big Five round-robin and then not having success at both UNLV and Cleveland State. Click here for my post about the former Ivy coaches and click here for Dave Sez's post about Rollie Massimino.

I figure that I've written enough about Coach Mass and won't render any further comments on the topic, at least for now, but I wanted to make you aware that there are still some discussions about his legacy given an investigation into activities at Cleveland State during Massimino's tenure there.

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