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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Marcus Vick on the Road Back

As you know, I wrote a piece recently praising Virginia Tech officials for compelling Marcus Vick to withdraw from school so that he could get his act together. I thought at the time that Virginia Tech showed considerable wisdom, for while the Hokies aspire to be a football power, they clearly proved that they were looking out for the welfare of this talented young man (and their own community) first -- at the expense of depth on their football roster. Click here for that post. This suspension came at a time when the University of Miami admitted LB Willie Williams, he of the long pre-college arrest record. I was critical of Miami for admitting Williams, and you can click here for that post. The Hurricanes seemed more concerned about the depth of the football program than the depth of the university.

As you can see from the article in today's USA Today, Marcus Vick has taken responsibility for his actions and has apologized to the Va Tech community. He also indicated that he'll do whatever it takes to get into the good graces of Va Tech.

Good news from a kid who seems determined to get his life back on the right track. Football coaches frequently talk about how the teams that are well-schooled in the fundamentals fare the best. That probably holds true off the field as well as on. Marcus Vick has always known that there are no free passes on the football field, and he's learned the hard way that there are no free passes off it. If he can remember that, several years from now you'll be talking about another fleet, strong-armed quarterback named Vick at the time the Mel Kipers of the world talk about QB prospects for the NFL draft.

Good luck, Marcus Vick.


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