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Monday, August 30, 2004

Golden Girls

Much has been written about the effort of the U.S. women's teams -- basketball, soccer and softball, but I just wanted to add my two cents' worth here. Thank you, Lisa Fernandez, Dawn Staley, Crystl Bustos, Joy Fawcett, Lisa Leslie, Stacy Nuveman, Mia Hamm, Cat Osterman, Tina Thompson and the rest for playing unselfishly, for conducting yourself with great dignity, for playing your games with great joy, passion and effort, and for representing the best of what America and American sports are all about. You are an inspiration to all of us, not just the little girls who wear your jerseys, for the class that you brought to the U.S.A. Olympic team. Others might have received more notoriety for what they wore, didn't wear or took off, but your teams shined more brightly than any individual stars.

Thank you for reminding us that the best sports are those who roll up their sleeves, dive for loose balls, make the extra pass, hit the cutoff woman, set the pick, take the extra base, you name it. You played hard for the love of your games, even if it won't make most of you millionaires or household names. Your efforts were a joy to watch.

And thank you for reminding us that the best sports people of all are, beyond all of their talents, good sports.


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