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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Follow Up to Post About College Coaches Cutting Players

A few days ago (August 1) I posted about a hypothetical scenario in which a college coach sees a real difference maker become available, say, a 7-footer who was a top-10 prospect who decides in the late spring to go to college instead of the NBA. He hadn't signed with any college, so his decision creates a free-for-all. Many colleges coaches would be faced with the prospect of electing not to renew the scholarship of their thirteenth man, a hard-working practice player who has earned the respect of his teammates, in order to make room for this 7-footer. I wondered aloud what major college coaches would do in this situation.

Well, Dave Sez has a great post regarding a situation involving a kid whom John Calipari recruited for Memphis along with a HS teammate who was contemplating the NBA draft. Believe it or not, when the better player opted for the NBA draft, Coach Calipari yanked the other kid's scholarship.

Read Dave Sez's post and the link to the Gregg Doyel article on the subject.

Apparently the ethical dilemma that I posited won't be that difficult for some coaches to handle.


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