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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sam Hinkie, Genius

4.0 at Oklahoma.

MBA from nationally recognized school.

Challenged the status quo, traded an All-Star for "the best defensive prospect in 15 years," then drafted one of his best friends.  All in the name of rebuilding.

Fans are excited.

Fans are starving for a winner.

Fans are looking for hope everywhere.

Jury is out.  Let's see what the team looks like in 3 years.

And let's see how happy ownership is if a) a franchise with among the league's worst attendance sees that attendance drop by 4,000 fans a game, b) New Orleans doesn't play badly enough to make the pick gotten in the Noel/Holiday trade a non-protected lottery pick (or they play poorly enough to achieve protected lottery pick status, thereby denying the 76ers a much counted on elite pick in next year's draft) and c) if the team signs free agents who (i) don't augment attendance but (ii) cause the team to play well enough to put the team at the bottom of the lottery or worse (for rebuilding purposes).

That said, it's about time for the team to do the following:

1.  Be creative, a la San Antonio, who got Tony Parker with a late first-round pick, got Manu Ginobli in the second round, Danny Green off the scrap heap and Kawhi Leonard in a trade; and
2.  Be more international, and find some players who can help from overseas.

In the meantime, he's been bold and he's offered hope.

But if the team doesn't fare better 2, 3 years down the road, few will remember Sam Hinkie.


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