Saturday, June 08, 2013

Odd Facts Here and There

1.  On the telecast today, one of the announcers offered that 9 of the 14 horses running at the Belmont are related to Secretariat.  I am no expert in horse breeding, so I wonder whether they are grandsons, great-grandsons or further down the line.

2.  I saw a tweet from ESPN that suggest that Domonic Brown's home runs benefit from the stadiums in which he hits them, that the average length of 1 of his 19 four baggers is 378 feet, whereas the average length of a Major League home run is 397 feet.  Could it be that the Bank is turning into a bandbox again?

3.  Is Game 2 a "must win" for the Heat.  I think so.  Their roster is interesting -- current stars, past stars, old-timers, but perhaps not as even as that of the Spurs.  Then again, when you have a transcendent player like LeBron James, perhaps that's okay.

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