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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Are the Nets Kidding Us?

Who would have bet that Jason Kidd would get an NBA head coaching job before Patrick Ewing?

Why wouldn't the Nets have out-bigtimed the Knicks by hiring Patrick Ewing? 

It's not as though NBA coaches have a long tenure, so why won't anyone take a chance on Ewing, who has paid his dues?  Ewing the player worked very hard, improved his game and was a real warrior.  He'd have instant credibility in the locker room, and seemingly would have the edge over Kidd because of the perspective he's gained since he retired from playing.  Sure, you can argue that Kidd will surround himself with veteran coaches to help guide him, but it's a big switch.

I have nothing against Kidd; it's just time for Ewing.


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