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Monday, February 28, 2011

Now Only If Iran Was Any Good at Most Sports. . .

The Iranians are threatening to boycott the London Olympics in 2012 because they view the logo as racist.

Apparently, those in control of Iran's official view believe that the jagged way the logo says "2012" actually says "Zion," the biblical term for Jerusalem and, of course, represents Israel, for whose destruction Iran has called.

Now, if Iran wanted to come up with a reason why an oppressive regime that's out of touch with its population of about 60 million hardly can field a team that matters in most sports, there could have been a better way. But, while this is not a political blog, it seems apparent that the Iranians also want to disrupt the 2012 Olympics in a big way.

But is this all they've got? Is this the best that they can do? This is the best thinking from a nation that large?