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Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Andy Reid the Worst Head Coach in Philadelphia Professional Sports?

Okay, the headline is a bit harsh, because you'd still want the fourth of the Phillies "four aces" in your rotation, and pretty high up there, too.

But if you peel back the onion, think about this:

1. Charlie Manuel has had the Phillies in two straight World Series and won one.

2. Peter Laviollette took the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals last year and has them with the best record in hockey the last time I checked (and, if not, pretty darned close).

3. Doug Collins is the NBA's version of the Miracle Worker, coaching his team with patience and determination and has them in the playoffs were they to be held today and close to .500 where no one expected anything close and the future now looks suprisingly bright.

4. Andy Reid is the winningest coach in Eagles' history, but his teams seemingly have one type of Achilles' heel or another that they just cannot solve. They are like Sisyphus, pushing the big rock up the hill only never to get to the top. Reid is, no doubt, one of the ten best coaches in the NFL and arguably even in the top 3. But the big question is whether the combination of Reid's being the GM and head coach works, as it seldom has in the NFL. Heck, most people didn't like the DVD/VCR combination or th "spork"that certain restaurants put out because they don't want to give you a fork and a spoon. Put differently, Reid is good, but could it be that the others are just doing a better job (and none of them makes the decisions in the front office).

Food for thought for Philadelphia sports fans.

Let the comments rain in.


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