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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And Now It's Time for Cal Tech's Baseball Team. . .

Cal Tech beat Occidental by a point last night in men's basketball, marking the first time the school has won a conference basketball same since 1985. It's now their baseball team's time -- as the Cal Tech baseball team has lost 412 straight conference games dating back to 1988.

That's a lot of games during a long time span.

That said, I'd surmise that the SAT scores and GPAs of the average Cal Tech player would be enough to bring up -- significantly -- the averages at the DI schools that are perennial contenders for the NCAA championship (including Duke). Those kids at Cal Tech can't expect to have everything -- some of their brains are bigger than basketballs -- but at least they could get a win in their conference.

And I'm sure at least two of the players could figure out that -- all things being equal -- the odds of losing conference games indefinitely were smaller than the odds of winning a single game.

And then they went out and did it.

Congratulations to the Cal Tech men's basketball team, and may your good fortune spread to the baseball team.