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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mets Reportedly Will Fire Minaya, Manuel

The Omar Minaya era for the New York Mets appears to be over. During Minaya's tenure, the Mets made the playoffs once (in 6 years). They also have one of the five highest payrolls in baseball.

Speculation will run rampant in New York, and, most assuredly, the Mets will try to grab the headlines away from the Yankees. The powers that be with the Mets should remember one thing -- it's not just about signing expensive, marquis names, it also has to be about chemistry and leadership in the clubhouse. And that means also finding some guys closer to the end of their career who've had success and who can mentor the younger stars. Yes, it's hard to have excellence if you don't pay for it, but it's also important to maximize value out of the big expenditures. In fairness to Minaya, the Mets have been one of the most injured teams in baseball during the past three seasons. But in stark contrast to this year's Phillies' team, which, despite multiple injuries to almost every star that had those stars miss a lot of games, have the best record in baseball, last year's Mets folded quickly once injuries befell them. Translated: sure, it's very hard to win with many injuries, but that's where leadership and chemistry come in. Right now, it's much better in Philadelphia than in New York, but it's nothing that a change in focus and approach in the front office cannot turn around.

Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel will get other good jobs in baseball. Minaya did a very good job with the Expos during trying times, and not all of his decisions with the Mets were bad (the same way not all of penultimate, but oft-maligned, Phillies' GM Ed Wade's decisions were bad). It's just for right now, the Mets need to change up their leadership and move forward.


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