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Monday, October 25, 2010

If You Think that the Phillies Are Getting Old, Then The "Core Four" Might Be Ready for the Seniors Tour

Read here (in an article about, among other things, the Yankees' firing of their pitching coach and desire to re-sign manager Joe Girardi) about the aging Yankees. Are they getting old fast? If their core loses effectiveness, how will they establish a new core? How much will it take to re-sign Derek Jeter? Will they have to give him a 4-year deal at $15 million per (when he's worth perhaps a 2-year deal at $10 million per plus a mutual option for another $10 million, taking him to when he's 39 years old), but he's Derek Jeter, one of the best Yankees ever, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, en route to 3,000 hits, an icon, so the bet here is 4 years at $15 million per and the reason he gets it, among other things, is that the $15 million is tip money to the Yankees and Four Seasons-like money to everyone else.

How do you re-fortify? You have a terrific team, but you always need to tweak, tinker, renovate, innovate. Will that renovation mean a major addition, costing 5 years and $100 million for Cliff Lee? Or will the acquistions be more modest?

Let's fire up the hot stove!


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