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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Princeton Women Shoot Poorly, Get Out-Quicked, lose to St. John's, 65-47

Click here and read all about it.

I saw some of the game on ESPN SD (as the HD in my area featured, of all teams, Michigan State against Bowling Green). While St. John's was shorter, they were quicker, and they defended tenaciously, getting into the grilles of Princeton playerrs more often than not. That said, Princeton had a bunch of good looks; the Tigers just couldn't finish them.

Tough way to go out after a stellar 26-2 season, but the Tigers' future is bright, as they started a junior, two sophomores and two freshmen. The junior was a second-team all-league player, while one soph and one frosh were first-team, and the Tigers boasted the Ivies' rookie of the year. Next year, should they get back to the tournament (and they'll be the favorite from the Ivies), they'll know how much they'll have to step up to win a first-round game.


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