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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Day for Guys Who Coached or Played In (and in One Case, Still Coaches in) the Ivy League

Georgetown. (John Thompson III played for and coached at Princeton).

Temple. (Fran Dunphy coached at Penn).

Richmond. (Chris Mooney played for Princeton).

Cornell. (Steve Donahue was an assistant coach at Penn).

Siena. (Fran McCaffrey played at Penn).

Houston. (Ah, you might have forgotten that Tom Penders once coached at Columbia).

Ironic first-round match-up, Temple versus Cornell, as Big Red head coach Steve Donahue worked for and with Temple's head coach Fran Dunphy for 10 years when Dunphy was the head coach and Donahue an assistant at Pennsylvania.

For all of the talk about the Princeton family tree of coaches, score this one Penn 3, Princeton 2, Columbia 1.


Blogger Christopher said...

Fran McCaffery actually also was an assistant coach at Penn the year after he graduated.
"McCaffery was assistant varsity coach and head sub-varsity coach at his alma mater Pennsylvania during the 1982-83 season. At Penn, he worked for Craig Littlepage who is now the director of athletics at the University of Virginia."

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