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Friday, May 08, 2009

If I Won the Powerball Lottery, I'd. . .

Besides making significant charitable donations and gifts to family members, I would:

1. Purchase 4 seasons tickets to the Phillies in the Diamond Club Dugout section right behind home plate.
2. I'd secure the services of a limosine driver to take me to and from the Phillies games I'd attend. (Note: my friends would rejoice because I'd probably share more than a majority of the tickets with them).
3. I'd donate sufficient funds to my local kids' baseball and softball leagues to have them purchase a) automatic tarpaulin machines for all infields, b) the proper equipment to drag infields and fill in the holes on pitchers mounds (to the extent that they don't have it) and c) endow funds for a maintenance crew for several years (within reason). The reason for this particular donation is paramount -- we've had seemingly endless rain in the mid-Atlantic region, so much so that it's hard for the fields to recover after large amounts of rain. While it's not possible (unless you have Bill Gates-like money) to have enough money to donate to your local leagues to enable them to have fields worthy of Major League Baseball teams, donations like this certainly should improve the quality of (sports) life in the town in which I live.
4. Go on an annual fishing trip (fly fishing in a stream).
5. Go to my first (and probably only) Super Bowl.
6. Attend a Masters.

And probably fund many more travel and leisure opportunities.


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