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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Manny Acta!

The guy can manage. But now the Nats are 13-36, they cut Daniel Cabrera, they've probably used over 20 pitchers this season, their opening-day CF was sent to the minors, their budding star catcher is on the DL, and, well, they are a terrible baseball team.

How bad?

Bad enough that. . . they have three slow guys in the outfield -- Josh Willingham in left, Austin Kearns in center and Adam Dunn in right. The latter two are so slow that. . . you could time them with an hourglass in running from the outfield to the dugout. Dunn turned every fly ball into an adventure on Friday night, and Kearns looked challenged (to say the least) in playing center yesterday and today.

In many leagues, there's a mercy rule for games where a team leads by 10 runs after a certain inning. At 13-36, ML B should consider whether to give the Nats' season the mercy rule. They play hard, they have some talent, but they are just not a good baseball team right now.


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