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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball's Democracy in Action -- Somewhat Scary

Raul Ibanez is only 6th among NL outfielders in All-Star balloting.

Say what?

He's hitting .352 with a Major League-leading 17 homers and 43 RBI's, hitting safely in 35 of the Phillies' 42 games this season.

Come on, All-Star voters, start reading the newspapers and the websites and follow the game!
So far, Ibanez has been lights out for the Phillies. He's a terrific hitter, a dignified guy, and he's fitting in well on the Phillies. Hopefully he'll rally in the balloting and get the honor he deserves from the fan balloting. If not, his skipper, Charlie Manuel, is likely to pick him as a reserve, as Manuel will be the manager of the NL team.


Anonymous NMS said...

I really think that there should not be all-star voting this early in the season. I think they should start the voting on June 15 rather than some time in May.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous CBell said...

Voting by the fans is lunacy in any sport more serious than WWF.

5:52 PM  
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