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Friday, November 07, 2008

Oregon State Men's Hoops Recruiting

should get a boost from the fact that Barack Obama was elected president. As most readers know, the OSU men's hoops coach, Craig Robinson, is the older brother of Michelle Obama, the first lady-elect.

The Sports Law Blog has a good post and link regarding how Craig Robinson might use this fact to his advantage in rebuilding the OSU program. Most certainly, the relationship between the two should help Craig Robinson a good deal. That said, Craig Robinson is an excellent coach and terrific guy, and high school coaches and parents would be fortunate to have such a good man coach their kids for four years.

Apparently, offering a kid a night in the Lincoln Bedroom is an NCAA no-no. But there's nothing to prevent OSU to schedule a few games in the DC area every year and then make a trip to the White House and a get-together with the leader of the free world.

Now that would be pretty cool.

And it would beat a promise of a trip to the Rainbow Classic any day of the week.


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