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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Accomplishing Goals

I travel with a PSP on long-distance business trips. I only use it on airplanes, and it's a good insurance policy in case of a travel delay or getting antsy on a very long flight, packed in coach.

For my latest trip I purchased FIFA Soccer 09, and it's a very complete game. I play at the "beginner" or "amateur" level, and while I sometimes play Arsenal against Tottenham, Lyon against Marseilles or AC Milan against Inter (not to mention Manchester United against Liverpool or Celtic versus Rangers), sometimes I need a break.

We all want to accomplish our professional goals in life. So what better a way than to accomplish goals than to score some!

How do you do that?

It's pretty easy. Take a four-and-a-half or five-star team (like some of the ones mentioned above) and play them against a team from the English Second Division (where the teams have half-star and one-star ratings). Play at the "beginner" or "amateur" level, and find yourself winning 10-0. Talk about accomplishing goals!

Now, it's not always that fun, as the PSP typically lets you run by the defenders in this format (as opposed to scoring dazzling goals with short passes or crosses -- the PlayStation 2 game used to let you do that), but, still, scoring goals is scoring goals, and in this world there's something to be said for having fun playing your games. Now, if you get pretty good at this game, you can tee up Arsenal against Tottenham in this format and win 7-0, too. That is, before your wrists start to get tired.

So, if you want to accomplish some goals, score some! It's good video game therapy from time to time.


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