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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Early Holliday Season in Philadelphia?

So reports's Jon Heyman, who reports that the Phillies are aggressively pursuing Matt Holliday, who is eligible to be a free agent after the 2009 season and who, apparently, the Rockies have no chance of retaining.

The article isn't clear as to whom the Phillies would have to trade to land the leftfielder. Shane Victorino's name was mentioned, but the Phillies would be hard-pressed to replace the Gold Glove centerfielder and catalyst. The Phillies have a core crop of minor leaguers, including catcher Lou Marson, shortstop Jason Donald and pitcher Carlos Carrasco, with whom they were unwilling to part in the pursuit of CC Sabathia from the Indians.

But let's suppose they land Holliday. How about this for a lineup:

Jimmy Rollins, SS
Jayson Werth, RF
Chase Utley, 2B
Ryan Howard, 1B
Matt Holliday, LF
Shane Victorino, CF
Pedro Feliz, 3B
Carlos Ruiz, C

That's pretty impressive, especially in the first through sixth positions. Holliday is an upgrade over Burrell, whose contributions fell off the cliff starting in August. The Phillies might miss Burrell's on-base percentage, but they won't miss his defense (awful, if not as bad as that of Chris Duncan of the Cardinals) and his streakiness. Reports were that the Phillies had made up their mind at season's end to part with Burrell (he made $14 million this year). The bet here is that some AL team will overpay for him and give him at least 3 years and $10 million per.

But Matt Holliday? In Philadelphia? In that lineup?

Look out!


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