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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Will Teddy Roosevelt Win Tonight?

No, he hasn't been cloned, and, no, there isn't a caucus in South Dakota tonight. What is taking place is the Nationals' opener in their new stadium. And what also will go on is the between-innings race among Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt.

And, as I've blogged before, Teddy Roosevelt has never won a race. Will tonight be the night? Will the Nationals' brass let Teddy win?

Manny Acta does a fine job managing the hometown team, but the Nats are probably destined for fourth in the NL East, behind more talented and much better funded teams in New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Which means that by August, if he hasn't won before then, the most compelling drama in D.C. could be the campaign of Teddy Roosevelt.