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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Was Brett Favre Overrated?

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN apparently thinks so.

Paolantonio also blasted the media for heaping undeserved praise on Favre. I recall telling a colleague at work, an ardent Giants fan, that if the Giants could keep the NFC championship game close the Giants could count on an SFI to help the Giants win the game. What's an SFI?

A stupid Favre interception. And Favre threw two of them.

Don't get me wrong, Favre was a great quarterback, in the all-time top 10. He certainly wasn't the best, and if he's in the top 5 he's closer to fifth than first. After all, you wouldn't take him over Montana and Unitas, and I'd take John Elway over him too. That's not to knock Favre, of course, because he's in the Pantheon of all-time great QBs. It's just that when he retired, the media -- including a chorus of former players -- threw way too many bouquets his way. There were too many utterances of "the best ever," and they were misguided.

But it's what you get when the media become glorified fans instead of disinterested (and, yes, for you folks out there disinterested means impartial) journalists.

It took guts for Paolantonio to say what he said. The average football fan should be throwing him a bouquet for keeping the analysis honest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent. The media has wrongfully been in love with Favre for years. I guess that is their job. Remember how they loved Michael Vick? How about Daunte Culpepper? I wish the next time someone in the media feels the need to place Favre on a throne and relive his career, they throw in the much needed grain of salt. For example, who owns the most interceptions record? Who never won more than one Super Bowl) (or just read the long list of bonehead Favre mistakes and failures: See article). Their good ol' boy does! Those kind of moments or records are conveinently forgotten. I suppose ignorance is bliss!

9:59 PM  
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