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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Did Larry Brown Meet with Princeton About Its Head Coaching Job?

Comcast SportsNet reports that he did.

And I discussed the possibility here weeks ago.

(Thanks to Jon of the Princeton Basketball News blog for pointing out this coverage as well as other coverage on the hiring. If you're a Tiger hoops fan like I am, his is the best blog to get all information regarding Tiger hoops).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meeting or no, it remains wishful thinking until a deal is done.

Sydney Johnson is the organic choice--he makes sense as such with his modesty, experience and focus on relationships to players. He's not an outside hired gun or fixit man from on high. He has great potential to resurrect the Tigers very quickly.


11:30 AM  
Anonymous work out exercise said...

Whether it's right or wrong choice, as for me this is definately the obvious choice. He has all the skills , physically and mentally trained by well.

4:16 AM  
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