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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Calling ALL Major League Baseball Teams

Every Astro, Dodger, Phillie and Pirate will be wearing #42 this Sunday to honor the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game as a Major Leaguer. Some of the other teams will have at least one player who wears #42, and some teams will have multiple players who wear that number. Click here for the current list of teams and players who will wear #42.

Wouldn't it be awesome if every player on every team were to wear #42 on Sunday?

C'mon, equipment managers, order enough jerseys for everyone!

C'mon, owners, general managers and managers, encourage every player to don this number!

C'mon, Major League Baseball Players Assocation, urge your membership to honor this Hall of Famer and outstanding American!

And then, for each day thereafter, let's all recall the courage of Jackie Robinson and honor it and his legacy each and every day!


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