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Friday, April 13, 2007

Curious Lack of News on the Princeton Men's Hoops Coaching Vacancy

Princeton has yet to name a head men's basketball coach.

When Pete Carril retired about 10 years ago, the Tigers quickly named his top assistant, Bill Carmody, as his replacement.

When Carmody and top assistant Joe Scott left Tigertown about 7 years ago (and forgive me as to the timeline if I miss by a year), second assistant John Thompson quickly was named as Carmody's replacement.

When Thompson left Tigertown over three years ago, the Tigers named former assistant Joe Scott the head coach rather quickly.

What do my adverbs mean? Say, about within a week (or less) of the departure of the head coach.

Joe Scott announced he was leaving Princeton the third week of March, and there's been almost no news on the Princeton coaching front ever since. Now, in fairness, Princeton AD Gary Walters was the chair of the NCAA men's hoops committee and thereby otherwise engaged on Final Four and related matters until early April.

Still. . .

This lack of news is eloquent. This time sequence is a milennium for Tiger fans.

Which means that it must mean something.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. There is no "obvious" candidate to replace Scott the way there were obvious candidates to replace Carril, Carmody and Thompson (had Scott declined to succeed Thompson, I believe the process would have slowed down because there were no other "likely" successors at that time after Scott).

2. The Tigers, unlike previously, are embarking upon a more measured process, which is new to the hoops program.

3. The stakes are much higher. The program and its brand have declined in recent years, all the more reason to take some time to find the right head coach.

4. Because most recruits commit in the fall, there's no sense of urgency to get a new head coach locked down to ensure a decent recruiting year.

5. This means that none of Craig Robinson, Sydney Johnson, Robert Burke, Mitch Henderson and Chris Mooney are "obvious" successors, because, given previous practice, the Tigers would have zoomed in, gotten their man, held a buoyant press conference and moved on. That said, it could be that one of them emerges as the head coach, but through a more measured process than simply what happened previously (which, seemingly, involved the AD's consulting with a kitchen cabinet, getting whatever quick approvals he needed at the university, and reeling in his candidate quickly).

6. This also means that the Tigers might go outside the Princeton family. I've heard a now-former John Bellein assistant at West Virginia (and former Ivy assistant) Mike Maker's name being mentioned as a possibility at Princeton, but I haven't heard much more (and Googling hasn't helped all that much). That decision, in and of itself, means that the AD is taking more time.

About 45 DI coaching jobs opened up after the end of the season. Many of the vacancies have been filled.

Many eyes, then, are now focusing upon Princeton.

What will Gary Walters do?

His legacy at Princeton will derive, in some significant part, on this decision.


Blogger Escort81 said...

Maybe President Tilghman is more involved in the selection than was previously the case, although I tend to doubt that. Maybe it means that Walters has received a "no" from his first and second choices.

Maybe, it means that PU is waiting until the Lakers are done for the season so that they can ask Phil Jackson, the Zen Master (and good friend and former Knick teammate of Bill Bradley '65). That would be especially sweet if Kobe had any college eligibility left (though he understandably would not be welcomed on campus with open arms by women’s groups).

I will be surprised if there is no announcement by the beginning of May (which, if memory serves, is roughly when reading period starts on campus in the run up to final exams). I'd be shocked if there is no announcement by Reunions weekend in early June.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they just can't find someone who knows CPR and will work without being paid for overtime...

Requisition Number 0700158
Job Title Head Coach of Men's Basketball
Department Athletics - 705
Position Summary Princeton University's Department of Athletics is conducting a national search for a full-time head coach of men's basketball. Responsibilities include all aspects of coaching, program planning, game management, team organization, recruiting, fundraising and alumni relations.
Essential Qualifications The position requires a bachelor's or advanced degree and a successful background in coaching basketball, preferably with several years of playing experience at the collegiate and/or professional level. Demonstrated leadership and communication skills and the ability to manage team dynamics also are required. A demonstrated commitment to values-based coaching is necessary. The coach must be able to work and communicate with students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni, as well as work within the framework of Princeton University, Ivy League and NCAA policies and procedures. CPR and first aid certifications are required subsequent to date of hire.

Applicants for this position are subject to a full background check.
Preferred Qualifications
Directory Title Head Coach of Men's Basketball
Job Function Administrative or Professional
Grade ADC 020
Standard Hours 36.25
Full-time/Part-time Full-Time
Actual Hours per Week, if casual hourly
Pay Rate, if Casual Hourly
Work Schedule, if other than standard hours
Eligible for Overtime No
Benefits Eligible Yes
Union Code Not Applicable
Education Required Bachelor's Degree
Application Deadline Open Until Filled or See Position Summary.
Instructions for Applying Complete the online application and click "Apply to this Posting" at the top of the posting details page.
Documents which can be associated with this posting Resume/CV
Cover Letter
Proposed Start Date
End Date, if a Term Appointment
Comments related to end date:

6:01 PM  
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