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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who Should His Sponsor Be?

USA Today reports that there's a 72 year-old NASCAR driver at Daytona. James Hylton, who was a perennial also ran on the circuit during his prime, is back and racing again. Click here to get a sense of Hylton's new mission and what others think about it.

The article points out that Retirement Home Living is sponsoring Hylton, and former NASCAR driver Mark Martin, for one, thinks that what Hylton's doing is great. Martin, you'll recall, had Viagra as a sponsor before he put away his helmet for good.

Who else should sponsor Hylton? The possibilities are endless, and they would include, I think, the big orthopedic companies (the ones who make artificial hips and knees, for example) and the over-the-counter dental market.

Personally, I'm not sure that Hylton's return is such a good idea. 72 seems to be an age where you should retire to Daytona, buy a jacket with your favorite driver's numbers and colors on it, take the old RV, and sip some cold ones on the infield.

As opposed to racing stock cars at the most prestigious race in the stock car world.

After all, there's a reason why golf has a seniors tour (okay, so it's now called the Champions Tour) and NASCAR does not.


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I think is the only "sport" in where senior citizens can pay, too bad it is such a bore game.

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