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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Free Agents Considering the NY Giants, Take Note

Tiki Barber reflects upon playing for Tom Coughlin.

So, if you're considering the NFC East, think about the following:

1. In Washington, you have an owner who seems to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. He has a highly paid head coach, the highest paid coordinators, and he's dipped into his big wallet time and time again and hasn't done anything. I've also read where he insists upon being called "Mister." Go there and you could get the big bucks, but you're playing for a team that seems doomed from the start. All the king's horses and men couldn't fix Humpty Dumpty, and it doesn't appear that all the money in the world can bring a winner to D.C.

2. In Dallas, a Hall-of-Fame head coach resigned because of the owner's meddling and because of the uncoachability of the latest in clubhouse disease strains, Terrell Owens. (If you watched clips of Owens spouting off on the sidelines last year and the (bad) body language of his teammates in response, you know what I mean). So here you have a head coach who was probably hired to be a lame duck, an offensive coordinator who is the anointed one (and whom the head coach did not hire), a family that is riding on laurels that have certainly wilted after a decade of being out of Super Bowl contention, and an owner who clearly doesn't know his limits. You also have a quarterback who might not be nearly as good as his first six games indicated. They'll probably pay you the big bucks too, but hey, the perpetually dissing T.O. puts the "dys" in dysfunction.

3. And then there's Philadelphia, the shining example of the NFC East. The one concern is that head coach Andy Reid, whom the players like because he's a straight shooter, is on a leave of absence, but the bet here and in many circles is that he'll be back and he'll be fine. It's hard to fathom why the Vegas oddsmakers favor Dallas and New York over the Eagles, but the best here is that the most functional team (and they're pretty functional, but they'd win this contest by default) will win the division. Why? See #s 1 and 2 above, and the Tiki Barber quotes to boot.

Happy shopping, those of you who are in demand.

Just be careful what you wish for in the NFC East.


Blogger Michael said...

As a lifelong eagles fan, I can't really see the team being well run.

Sure in an economic and wins/losses point of view, your right. But emotionally, it's different.

They play hardball too many times with the players. Look at the Owens Saga. Here's a guy, made a remarkable turnaround to get ready for the SB. Was signed for below market value and he wanted some appreciation. And the eagles said "F*ck You" to him.

Fans know it's a business, but they feel something more. Players know it's a business, but they feel something more. Snyder and Jones know it's a business, but they feel something more.

10:29 PM  
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