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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ryan Leaf is a Golf Coach

Yes, that's the same Ryan Leaf who was a top pick in the NFL draft the same year as Peyton Manning and who, in some circles, has become synonymous with words like "Edsel" and "Titanic."

Apparently, the erstwhile NFL QB has had success as a DII quarterbacks coach at West Texas A&M, and, as a result, is the golf coach there.

Get this, it's not because Leaf knows anything about golf. The A.D. wanted him in the job because of his leadership and motivational skills.


Read the whole thing here.

Mr. Leaf's NFL career was an unmitigated disaster, but it's good to see that he's figured out something to do that's fulfilling for him. He had a good season with the football team (it went 11-2, and the QB fared well), so perhaps he can transfer his magic to the golf team as well.

My guess is that as a DII school West Texas A&M will play most of its matches in-state. I would advise that they don't take road trips to southern California, particularly the San Diego area.

Or else risk Chargers' fans throwing their homemade versions of lightning bolts at him.


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