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Saturday, December 16, 2006

When Your Tank Owns an Arsenal

And we're not talking about a soccer club in England's Premiership, either.

Read this, and, if you're a Bears' fan, you might want to worry a little more.

Is it that defensive linemen, who, by definition, are charged to disrupt a well-planned offense, hae always been a bit whacky (and, correspondingly, that the only difference between defensive linemen of yesteryear and today is the constant presence of the media?)? Or is it that today's NFL players have more problems off the field than their predecessors?

Lots of arrests in the NFL this year. Perhaps the average, hypothetical, honest defensive player needs a bodyguard in the locker room to protect himself from the guys with enough firepower to challenge a small town's police force.

Not a good trend, is it?

What can/will the NFL do about it?

Or, should they do anything? After all, the players have private lives and according to current gun laws in many states have the right to own this type of arsenal. Perhaps it's not the NFL's business after all.


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