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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This Just In About the 76ers

Chris Webber's thoughts on his team.



Glad to see that his University of Michigan education has rubbed off on him.

Could one of the principal reasons for Webber's conclusion be that the General Manager, a Duke graduate, was stupid enough to take on the contract of any aging power forward a few years back, on which the Sixers remain obligated for this year and next year at $21 million per year?

Your contract?

Because that's one of the first reasons I'd think of.

Or is it because Billy King has failed to find players from Europe that way almost every other good NBA team has?

Or is "Timeout" just throwing his teammates under the bus?

Or the quality of play in the league.

Read more to find out.

That is, if you still care about the NBA.


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