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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All Ivy Football Teams Named; Co-Champs Slighted

All Princeton and Yale did this year was share the Ivy football title. Harvard came in second. The Penn Quakers, pre-season co-favorites along with Penn, came in fourth, tied with Cornell. Here are the standings; you can look them up.

And here's the 2006 All-Ivy football team.

Joke city, if you ask me. Sorry to be harsh, but Princeton title, yet somehow garnered only 9 berths when you take together the first team, the second team and honorable mention nominations (five first-team and three second-team picks; one honorable mention). True, their QB, Jeff Terrell, who had a habit of rallying his team to victory in the fourth quarter, did get named the Ivies' player of the year. But, only 9 berths when compared to disappointing Penn's 18 (six first teamers, four second-teamers and 8 honorable mentions)? (Yale and Harvard had, to my count, 13 berths apiece; Harvard had six first-team berths, five-second teamers and two honorable mentions; Yale had five first-teamers, five second-teamers and three honorable mentions).

Sorry, Ivy voters, but you got it wrong. The Princeton team didn't propel itself to a championship without players doing great jobs -- first- and second-team all-Ivy jobs -- at many positions. Sorry, Ivy voters, but if Penn were that great and worthy of those 18 berths they would have gone undefeated and won the title. You did a bad job here, but the Tiger faithful have one undisputable fact going for them -- their team did it on the field, and they'd trade all of those post-season mentions for the title they earned and share with Yale.

At least you can't vote that away from them.

Who says that the lack of brains in college football is the exclusive franchise of the BCS patrons? For a league that's supposed to be pretty smart, the all-Ivy voting was anything but.


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