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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Get Ziggy With It

New Vikings' owner Zygmunt Wolf has indicated that he prefers that the Vikings play their game outdoors and get the home-field benefit of the frozen tundra the way the Packers do.

That's great news for many Vikings' fans, who either want to sit outdoors or who have witnessed the poor playoff plight of teams who play in domed stadiums. The big question is what will Wilf actually do?

Will he don all sorts of cold-weather gear purchased from the L.L. Beans and Cabela's of the world or will he sit inside a heated luxury box? If he tries to do the latter, will the Vikings' fans let him get away with it? Or, will local sports radio talk show hosts and newspaper columnists encourage all Vikings' fans to chant, "Ziggy, Ziggy" and exhort the owner to sit outside (or open the windows, if the stadium affords him the opportunity to do so)? Will they give him a standing "o" once he emerges from his luxury box?

It says here that Ziggy will sit outside.

I for one look forward to mud-laden fields where the Packers and Vikings can slug it out the way they used to. Mud, ice, snow, you name it, bring it on. Old fashioned football.

Now if the NFL only would let Mike Nolan wear a tie to honor his dad during the first game of the upcoming season, everything would be all jiggy.

Instead of just plain Ziggy!


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