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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

According to the NBA Draft Boards

There are approximately 15 players whose potential his higher than that of Sean May.

I find that hard to believe, as I do that Sean May is more likely to end up on the J.R. Reid end of the continuum of forwards than, say, the James Worthy continuum. Both of those players went to North Carolina, both were high first-round picks. You remember one of them. Most likely you don't remember the other, unless you had your memory refreshed with the recent ESPN competition which anointed a former NBA hoopsters as a color analyst.

What else could may have done in the NCAA tournament other than strap the entire team to his back and will them to an NCAA title? He was dominant, he seized opportunities, and he came up big.

Sometimes those measurements are more important than height, weight, jumping ability and foot speed. The guy can flat-out play.

Whoever gets him in the middle of the first round gets a steal.


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