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Friday, June 10, 2005

Could Jackson eclipse Jackson?

Phil is contemplating a return to the Lakers, the site of his one-time basketball Wonderland.

Michael is on trial for alleged shenanigans at his ranch, Neverland, where, if he loses, he'll get a one-way ticket to California's nether regions.

What is Phil waiting for? Is he having second thoughts? Is he thinking that he's more likely to inherit a Neverland than a Wonderland? Or, is it simply that he wants to wait until the better known Jackson's news comes and goes, so that he can get all the attention he thinks that he and his nine championship rings deserve?

Have Michael, have Scottie, have Shaq (okay, and Kobe) and win titles.

Have Kobe and a bunch of tweeners (either tweener forwards or tweeners between 2G and the 3), and, well, unless you're going to fly over opponents, without a meaningful inside presence you'll probably miss the playoffs. Even if Phil Jackson coaches you. There are only so many books you can give your players to read, but if you don't have the talent to win a title, the odds are that you usually won't. Occam's Razor at work again.

Phil Jackson didn't get the Cleveland job, although it isn't clear that he really wanted it. As troubling as the L.A. situation is, it's better than Portland (juvenile hall, apparently) or New York (so capped out that the only way they could improve their situation would be to have one of the Sopranos cap a few of their players). So, if Phil wants to coach again, L.A. is looking pretty good.

He loved Shaq, and L.A. now still may not be a hoops Love Shack, but if you want one of the 30 best hoops coaching jobs in the world (and all of the aggravation and lack of job security that goes with it), you'll take the job.

You just might wait a few days until a pending media circus clears.


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