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Monday, April 18, 2005

The Yankees: A Phase or a Trend?

I posted this about the Yankees in mid-February.

Is this just a bad start?

Or are the Yankees getting old, too old, perhaps, to win it all again?

The screech you hear is that of George Steinbrenner, ranting against many things he cannot control.

The creaking you hear are the collective joints of the Yankee 9 (okay, with a DH, 10).

Read the whole thing, and then you decide.

Should they be worried in the Bronx?

For what it's worth, I don't think so.

At least just not yet.

The Devil Rays are in town, and a diet of Devil Rays is just what the baseball doctor has ordered.

But if the Yankees have trouble digesting their poor brethren to the south, the worrying will intensify.

As it should.

Because the third sound you'd be hearing is the tick-tock of baseball's biological clock, with the fourth sound being a loud bell, which customarily tolls for all but the junkballing crafty lefties and Julio Franco in a player's mid-thirties.

The Yankees have a great assemblage of talent; the real question is whether that talent can compete in the present the way we know it might have dominated five years ago.

Stay tuned.


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