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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Temple Football Beats Penn State

No, today is not April Fool's day, and April Fool's day didn't take place over the weekend, either.

The NFL draft did.

Score it Temple 1, Penn State 0.

One Temple player, LB Rian Wallace, was drafted -- on the fifth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Zero Penn State players were drafted.

That's the first time that happened since 1951.

If you go through my archives, you'll note that I've become a dauntless defender of the Penn State football program and Coach Joe Paterno, even if I always didn't have those sentiments. Penn State runs a clean football program.

They just haven't been winning a lot lately. If you toil in the rarified air known as the BCS, wins are expected. As are NFL draft picks, because that's how you recruit future winning players. The elite players want to play professionally, so they'll matriculate with a program that will give them a good chance to do so. Tell an elite recruit that 32 guys signed NFL contracts over the past four years, and that fact will be sure to get his attention. About ten years ago, Penn State was in the top ten in terms of number of alums playing in the NFL. I'll do some digging, but I'll doubt that Penn State is in the Top 20 today.

Winning begets winning.

And you won't do it at the BCS level if you don't have draftable players.


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