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Thursday, March 03, 2005

They're Overpaying By About $2,999,999,999

A Boston buyout firm has offered $3 billion for the National Hockey League.

In U.S. dollars, too, not Canadian.

The owners should seriously consider this offer.

It might be the best one they get in a long time.

What the buyout firm will really do with the league were they to purchase it is anyone's guess, but given the magnitude of the offer the owners will look into it. As they should, but realistically you cannot divide the $3 billion equally among all franchises, as some are worth more than others.

The owners already have the players sniping at them. They've cancelled a season, too.

I have little doubt that they'll soon be sniping at one another, because some owners definitely will want to negotiate with Bain and negotiate hard.

What a mess.


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