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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Answer Is Yes

I had written this post in the early fall, when speculation among the Philadelphia hoops faithful ran rampant about the future of Villanova Coach Jay Wright. The post asked a question, "The Wright Stuff at Villanova?" and for some reason I thought that Jay Wright was going to have a good year.

And he did. As I write this the Wildcats are awaiting their seed in the NCAA tournament, a #5 if Joe Lunardi is right, and they'll see whether they have the right stuff now to make it to the Sweet 16 and beyond. Clearly, the faithful fans of 'Nova are expecting more than just one game in the NCAA Tournament. Definitely two and probably three. Anything after that is just gravy -- an appearance in a regional final.

Which would be great news for Villanova fans and Jay Wright.

So the question now is not whether there's currently the Wright stuff at Villanova, but whether the administration there will reward Coach Wright with a contract extension.

Barring a first-round embarrassment, the answer here, again, is yes.


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