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Friday, February 25, 2005

Top Dollar In The WNBA

Women's Hoops posted this morning on Swin Cash's three-year deal with the Detroit Shock. There are probably over 100 NBA players who make more money for one game than Cash will make for one season.

And 95% of them aren't as good relative to their league as Cash is to hers.

Sure, you can make all the arguments you want that the NBA draws and the WNBA doesn't and that the NBA players from a market standpoint deserve more money because of the TV ratings, the ad sales, the merchandise sales, the tickets sales and all of the money involved, and it's hard to argue with you on that point. If you're an NBA fan you'd probably argue that the WNBA players shouldn't be jealous, that they should be happy to make what they're making.

Those arguments are all well and good, but one thing is clear -- the WNBA players play for the love of the game as much if not more so than for the money.

So the next time a Latrell Sprewell or someone else complains about needing more money or having to feed his family, he should remember the WNBA players and think about how fortunate he is. He has great skills, and he does work hard, but there aren't many jobs in the world where the matchup of hard work and talent yields as much in compensation as playing in the NBA.

And, better yet, the NBA players don't have to endure Russian winters to supplement their income.


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